Monday, October 10, 2011

Curry Filled Content Festival!

New recordings:
Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower by giraffebasedempire
Lawn Mower is an exploration of the potential of impulses. Most of the sounds in this piece are derived from small "click" sounds which are sped up to audio rate, much like the maddening buzz of the two stroke motors available in most chainsaws, weed eaters, and lawn mowers.

Glass Tuna Entrails

Glasstunaentrails by giraffebasedempire

Glass Tuna entrails is an improvisation in Super Collider. It involves masses of loosely sequenced notes and randomly generated waveforms. This is a sketch for a larger piece, and the final sound is the computer crashing as I attempt to force Super Collider to play back the patterns at 100 times the normal tempo. 

Game Pieces:

Dilation Blindness:

A small number of performers who are willing to
perform using their voices. The performers must
dress in street clothes and do their best to blend
with the audience.

Before the performance the performers gather
and perform pregame set up. Each performer suggests
10 audience "reactions". The reactions are mixed
and each performer is assigned one reaction.

There are several rules for picking proper reactions:
1) Reactions must be in the form of audience members
gestures or speech. "Cause the audience member
to leave" would not be an appropriate reaction because
it is not a gesture or a spoken phrase.
2)Reactions must be general enough to be acomplished
with undue specificity. Suggestions for a " Make the audience
member sing amazing grace reaction" might be apropriate
but suggestions for a "make the audience member recite the
first digits of Pi" reaction might not be.

Some examples of reactions:

1) the audience member demands to know what is going on.
2) the audience member asks you if this is the piece.
3) the audience member looks away for a moment.
4)the audience member tells you about a fishing trip
5)the audience member joins in
6)the audience member sings a song

The performers must each pick randomly from these attributes.
Each performer should end up with two.
1)Speak gibberish in tuplet rhythms.
2)sing every word
3)speak with great enthusiasm about dinosaurs.
4)copy the audience members words.
5)Ask questions about someone named Steve.
6)Hum with urgency and great volume.

During what appears to be set up time the performers
melt into the room and sit among the audience.
The performers form a loose square around a
small group of audience members.
The performers wait approximately three minutes,
or until the audience has relaxed and has started
to speak among themselves.

At this point each performer should pick a few audience members
to converse with. Several group members are allowed to pick the
same audience member.  The players must alternate between
their two selected modes of communication and attempts
to illicit the required response. If the response is given, then
the player flamboyantly rips up the sheet up paper with
the instructions, and raises his voice a little.

The piece should form a general crescendo of insanity
as the players run out of commands, and the audience realizes
it has been played. Once all instructions are met the piece