Sunday, September 4, 2011

Perforated Kidney Enhanced Joy

Jaundiced Liver

forces: four musicians of any instrumentation.

The liver filters our blood. As it fails it filters blood with
less and less efficiency. Besides filtering our blood, it synthesizes
various compounds in the body. The liver is a mysterious place.
Our liver is thought to be responsible for over 500 functions.

Jaudiced Liver is an exorcise in filtering, and ear training.
the piece is meant to test the qualitative decision making
properties of a group of diverse musicians. For optimal
results the musicians should be different backgrounds,
and would disagree on matters of interpretation and


Four musicians sit in a square. One musician is designated the starter. The starter links to the second musician, and the second to the third, and the third to the fourth, and the fourth back to the starter so that a full circuit is formed.

The starter improvises freely, with each layer succeeding him filtering the previous layer's music to his or her taste. The general feeling of the starter's music should be kept in each generation, but radical edits may be made to each member's material.

The starter may start a new motive exactly four times. After this the final cell of the piece can start. The final cell of the piece may mutate much faster, and radically than the previous cells.

The starter signals the end of the piece by ceasing to play, therefore ending the cycle.

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