Monday, February 7, 2011

Inglorious Frontal Structures

Glorious weekend tis' been:  The stockings are large, the trash has a dorsal fin.
        Let's start from the start! Just past the weekend's oral sphicter, somewhere around the pharynx,  (read:Saturday) Scott from Nequiem Sonitus stopped by, with theramin in tow, for an all night electro-acoustic jam session with Joel and me.
       There were mouth piece sounds ; There was blood.
      I'm mastering the results of those jams this week, and should have them up in the next three days or so. To tell you the trout-like truth, I'm quite proud of the results.
      Sunday night we went to the INC pre-show at FUBAR in St. Pete. I hadn't been to that venue since it was the now vanquished "uptown bar". The place still retains it's semi-gritty feel, and it seemed more than appropriate for a night of harsh noise. I was glad to see my fellow sycomrade Aaron Hucheson (check out his page - he's got free music!) there playing a suitcase filled with 1/8th inch style analog synth equipment. Of course Nequiem Sonitus played, and I was floored to see them incorporate Ben's Theramin into the set. Scott went the extra mile and spent a good 30 minutes after his set playing around outside in the Nequiem suit. We were amused until the Nequiem pulled out it's mating socket, then we were doubly amused. Whitey Alabastard played a kickin' set as well. I'll put it this way: he was wearing a penguin suit, had two turntables, a contact miked cymbal and a hammer. You do the math! The final act, Radio Shock, stole the show with a green skull that functioned as a photo-cell-Theramin. He also had lots of kitsch toys, and a guitar strap made out of duct tape. Sensational. The guy was nice as could be, and even gave me and Joel tips on our quest to move to New York City. It was a good night. No snails were harmed.

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