Thursday, February 24, 2011

Attack of the Spectral Guitar!

I always feel great when I find a new composer:

but I'm happier when I find some guitar writing I really love:

I have a major taste for fast guitar, and this really hits the spot, while at the same time being a really well constructed piece of music.  The theatrical flair of tuning the E string down in the middle of playing only adds to the effect.

Up until recently I'd found it hard to track down recent classical guitar pieces I liked. This one is a definite candidate - I'd actually like to learn it when I get a chance.

Evil Idea: Spectral/Flamenco/Jazz Guitar?
is it possible?

Here's another classic that I'd like to tackle someday. I say someday with the same wistful expression that one might say neverland. someday.

and yet another great one - this time Elliot Carter.

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  1. Truly virtuosic music! Tristan Murail is one of my new favorites now! Btw here is a video of Pepe Romero the father of the Romero brothers which I was telling you about the other day. enjoy!