Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pious Patrician Porridge

I just want to take a post to express my extreme joy for being accepted into graduate school. I was really in doubt, and the support of everyone in my life will be remembered for helping me out through out my undergraduate experience.

In short: Thanks everybody!

This weekend I will be appearing at Taste Cafe in Clear Water with Joel Kruger and Scott Smith. It might be a little late for most of you to make it, but make sure and check out the videos we will be posting later.

On that note: Next week we will be playing at Lab Music 3 in Gainesville. If any one wants to ride and out see the show we have exactly one extra seat.

Here is last week's show in all of it's glory:

Thanks to Hal McGee for the upload. Hal is a great asset to the scene here, and we are more than fortunate to know him.

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