Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brain mod - definition conversion - bood honeys!

You know, it's obvious that awkward is an artistic statement these days. I kind of like that idea - it makes me think that history isn't so linear. We used to have the theater of the absurd, now we have the theater of the awkward.

This concert with Scott was a last minute date, and we decided to do something extra spontaneous, and start the concert with an awkward-fest. Our paraplegic gandy words and gibbet scratched the mastodon, francophone. But you knew that already....

Today Joel and I were mesmorized by a video by Brian Bress.

His videos have a rhythm to them.... Something deliberate in the cutting that appeals to me. I wish the video I saw at CAM had been posted on his youtube account. It was very psychological - his various "characters" had a metaphorical conversation with an old, creepily stoic woman who seems to be driving through a living dream scape. It reminds me of all the questions you ask yourself when you've forgotten that you're in a nightmare.

If you're adventurous you should try this...

{ LFPulse.ar(MouseY.kr(40, 10000, 1) ,0,MouseY.kr(0,1),0.1) }.scope(1, zoom: 4);

{ VarSaw.ar(MouseY.kr(40, 10000, 1) + 30 ,0,MouseY.kr(0,1),0.1) }.scope(1, zoom: 4);

{ Klang.ar(`[ {exprand(400, 2000)}.dup(64), nil, nil ], 1, 0) * 0.01 }.scope(1);

As they say, you know where to stick it.

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