Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jumbe juice generator /; "igneous" persnips.ini

I've been serving the night shift at Circle K.
It's been taxing.
My will power waxing.
a stripper was crying on the floor last night.
She had goldfish in her shoes...
and a burn mark on her forehead.

My first game piece in its full youtube glory. Notice the performer's confident saunter. They know full well the piece's goofy powers.

The influence for this was John Zorn's "Cobra"

What I admire in Zorn's Piece, that was sort of absent in mine was the relative fluidity between "scenes". Zorn does a great job of minimizing the sometimes awkward silences that tend to occur while game mechanics happen. Although in a way, the silences seem to scream "Hey this is a game piece!" I feel the constant stop/start can kind of distract from the music.

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